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The blueprint that changes every time during the hotel opening preparation period?
What is the most efficient way to do something in a limited space?
Belated design changes and re-construction for permits?
Can we shorten the hotel opening preparation period?
Reconstruction due to repair of defects that occurred right after the hotel opened?
Can't we reduce the hotel opening preparation budget?
What should I prepare and check before opening the hotel?
Can we advance the opening period of the hotel?
Is the delivery price of various equipment, equipment, consumables, etc. appropriate?
Can't we manage our resources more efficiently?
Want to maximize your profits? Want to diversify your hotel offerings?
A sudden change of department head?
How to find good talent?

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5 principles of PEACH, a hotel consulting company 

Concentrate on operation know-how transfer, structure setting, and training!
→ Pacemaker Role

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